When Liam selected his 1 to 11 to celebrate his 500th game in charge at the club it generated a lot of discussion as we find whenever we talk about our best eleven players.

Nobody would agree all the time, that’s what makes football so interesting.

The diverse opinions, the favourites we all have and the different views on the merits of those that have worn our badge.

Why not have a go at putting your best X1 together in 4-4-2 formation based on the players you have seen down the years. Your favourites, the best, the most popular with you as a fan, maybe not the best but one you remember for doing something you will never forget?

We will include as many “teams” as we can in the Matchday Programme.
We can think of lots and lots of players who could be included so don’t get hung up on it just have a go and send me your “best” eleven to rob@southportfc.net.

Contributions to the programme are always welcome, there has always been an open invitation to anyone who wants to submit an article or any item for inclusion. Please send anything for inclusion to rob@southportfc.net