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  1. Published on: 27/07/2020 03:20 AMReported by: roving-eye
    An inspirational personal trainer from Southport is backing the Government’s ‘Better Health’ campaign which will be launched by the Prime Minister on Monday.

    Mum-of-three Lisa Little, who runs From The Block Fitness, achieved her own astonishing transformation when she turned to fitness to help her lose four stone.

    As a hotel manager, the 36-year-old was working long hours, eating the wrong things and didn’t have time for fitness when she decided to turn her life around.
    Now she is helping other people to change their lives too and is encouraged to hear that Boris Johnson is determined to make Britain healthy when he launches his Better Health drive.

    The Prime Minister will urge Britons to get fit and fight back against obesity in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The intervention comes experts at Public Health England warned that the overweight – those with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 29.9 and over – are at higher risk of hospitalisation and death if they contract Covid-19. You can check your BMI here:

    From The Block Fitness owner Lisa Little said: “Reading the pre plans to Boris Johnson’s announcement on his plan to tackle the country’s obesity problem with his health programme is an extremely positive move by the Government.

    “Anything in support of helping people to recognise the importance of living a healthier lifestyle is always going to be a positive move forward and I would urge absolutely everyone to take a more active approach to their daily lives.

    “We already all know the benefits of this, and I think as long as the plans the Government put forward are done with a supportive empathetic approach and the health and fitness industry as well as the medical community get behind it, then only good things can come out of this.”

    Lisa understands from her own personal experience what it takes to lose weight and become fitter, happier and healthier.

    When she was working as a hotel manager, she suffered with health problems including heartburn and severe pains in her legs.

    But the bubbly mum-of-three met a personal trainer in a bid to improve her health and suddenly her life changed.

    Lisa lost an impressive four stone in weight, saying she was determined to change her life as she approached ‘the big 4-0’ while wanting to live a healthier life for her children.

    Lisa’s 40th birthday prompted a dramatic career change as she waved goodbye to over 20 years in the hotel and hospitality industry and instead launched her own business, called From The Block Fitness.

    She wants to break down barriers for anyone thinking about getting healthier by letting everyone know about her own amazing journey.

    Lisa runs her business from her home near Southport town centre.

    She is eager to help anyone wanting to take that first step to a different life and is pleased to see the Government taking health and fitness seriously as a way of combating the Coronavirus crisis.

    Boris Johnson is expected to outline a series of measures, including GPs prescribing cycling, greater access to NHS weight loss services and 12-week plans for everyone to use to improve eating habits.

    Downing Street said the Government will identify areas with poor health rates to participate in a cycling pilot scheme. Other trailed policies include banning junk food adverts on television before the 9pm watershed and introducing calorie labels on alcoholic drinks, restaurant meals and takeaway food.

    Number 10 is aiming to reach 35 million British people through the scheme in an effort to prevent the onset of more serious diseases and reduce the risk of being severely affected by Covid-19.

    Lisa said: “For complete continuous success, understanding the emotional and environmental impact that lead to our growing obesity crisis as a nation is extremely important also and addressing these issues should absolutely be part of these plans.

    “As a personal trainer I will always promote exercise and good nutrition and my top tip would be to keep it simple, do not overthink the process.

    “Yes you can reach out to a PT or join a gym, but also the smallest of changes can and will have a huge positive impact on a person’s health.

    “For example, swapping full fat milk for semi skimmed, white bread, pasta and rice for wholewheat, full sugar pop for sugar free options.

    “Walking instead of driving where possible, playing ball with the kids instead of watching them at the park. Taking stairs instead of lifts when out and about.
    “Living a healthier lifestyle should be enjoyable and not a punishment.

    “The idea for the food and beverage industry to clearly advise customers on calories in the drinks and dishes they are serving is a great idea! One I think will be welcomed by both the businesses and consumers alike actually.

    “I am excited to hear the Government’s plans in more detail and to hopefully see these being embraced across the board.

    “After everything we have all been through this year, is the time to take our health seriously.”


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