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  1. Sap33 says:05/10/2020 03:40 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by said View Post
    I have been to almost every UK region on a bike, and as far as I am concerned if a cyclist cannot negotiate the relatively quiet roads of Southport without cycle lanes then they should not be riding a bike in the first place. Cycle lanes act to obstruct free flowing traffic, there are many occasions when even the best intentioned motorist has to veer on to the cycle lane due to sudden traffic events, cyclists are more aware of road conditions and can take evasive action, which is far easier when there are parked cars on the road. In many instances, I have found a cycle path to be more dangerous than normal roads, particularly when emergency vehicles are coming through.

    I would suggest the new cycle lanes have very little to do with 'safe cycling' and more to do with reducing traffic in Southport to an even greater extent than it is now. A great idea which falls short when you consider a cyclist having to balance a number of shopping bags on the handlebars.
    I’m guessing it’s been quite a while since you’ve been on the ‘relatively quiet roads of Southport’ on a bike! While I feel reasonably competent alone (despite some motorists seeming to have no idea on how much room the Highway Code recommends they give ‘vulnerable’ road users), it’s completely different when I’m out with my son. We cycled into town, bought the few bits we needed and cycled home using Queens Road and Hoghton Street, which was much safer with the cycle paths, with an 8 year old!

    As for a motorist, who ‘has to veer into a cycle lane’ then maybe they should consider there driving as it clearly shows a lack of forward observation! I’m struggling with your concept of how it’s easier with parked cars, Albert Road is anything but and there’s no cycle lane there!

    Cycle lanes do not obstruct free flowing traffic, the idea is that the cycles use the roads with the cycle lanes and the majority of traffic uses the roads without, meaning that bikes don’t hold up the flow of traffic!

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  4. sandGroundZero says:05/10/2020 03:53 PM
    said says: "…as far as I am concerned if a cyclist cannot negotiate the relatively quiet roads of Southport without cycle lanes then they should not be riding a bike in the first place."

    The many cyclists who've braved Southport's traffic before the contentious Emergency Active Travel Route will undoubtedly continue to do so. The proposition that our town's highways are uncommonly safe is disputable. The numbers of people venturing out on bicycles when during the initial 'lockdown' in March /April roads were indeed comparatively quiet suggests that many would-be (adult) cyclists (never mind the juveniles) feel unsafe on our streets.

    What is the real dispute, here? Motorists object to the reduction in road space and parking. It may be the case that businesses detect reduced numbers of patrons; but the virus-related contraction is one thing, long-term trends another. Segregated (such as they are) lanes for cyclists may, looking back from some future point, turn out to have been a transient, experimental feature of our roadways. Nevertheless, the intention seems clear — the modes of mobility we have become accustomed to are unsustainable; they must and will change!

    The time is coming when the benefits of car ownership will be less than the rather large costs of owning and operating them. In this interval of change the loud annoyance of those who feel they are being put upon by uppity progressives is something we must live with.

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  6. Sap33 says:05/10/2020 04:19 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by sandGroundZero View Post
    Amplifying particular local grievances for perpetual campaigning is a technique the LimpDems have practised with such success that their opponents have adopted it.

    This is no way to select representatives for local government

    Safe cycling infrastructure is favoured more-or-less by all parties at national level and in principle (— who would speak-out for 'unsafe' roads?) The recent implementation of cycle routes by a Conservative party central government in disarray over virus restrictions is a new gripe over which to contest next year's Council elections. That seems not to matter to Conservative prospective Councillor Lee Durkin.

    For what it's worth, cycling in Lord Street today (Monday), vehicle traffic was heavy and the air quality was noticeably stinky. Like many cyclists, I am a motor vehicle operator as well. The Emergency Active Travel Route at the centre of this storm in a tea cup will not change my habits one iota. Sadly however, they are unlikely to encourage many timid cyclists to brave the vehicle traffic. So, what is their real significance? I believe that they are a harbinger of future policy initiatives.

    Councillors (and many MPs) do little apart from campaign and agitate for their respective parties. We need a better way for citizens to input their views for accountable, democratic local government.
    Fat fingers on my part, I was supposed to have hit the ‘like comment’ button!

  7. roving-eye says:05/10/2020 04:20 PM
    Lets face it most cyclists probably own a car as well so if its ******* down or freezing cold which mode of transport are you going to use?

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  9. Sap33 says:05/10/2020 04:36 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by roving-eye View Post
    Lets face it most cyclists probably own a car as well so if its ******* down or freezing cold which mode of transport are you going to use?
    Late this morning (in the rain!), while I’ve got a car, for ease and cost for work, I cycled and caught the train, something I expect to do again tomorrow, Friday and the weekend. Tuesday and Thursday while I’m off, apart from the school run (12 mile round trip) I’ll probably go into town for a coffee, on my bike!

  10. justbecause says:05/10/2020 04:51 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by The PNP View Post
    Perhaps if more of the locals used their bikes, there'd be less demand for parking spaces, increasing the chance of you finding a space for your car!
    What a stupid comment.

  11. Sap33 says:05/10/2020 05:00 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by justbecause View Post
    What a stupid comment.
    Why’s that a stupid comment?

    I cycled into town today to get the train to work. Had I driven, my car would be parked, taking up a space someone else could use.

  12. r4dent says:05/10/2020 06:19 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by The PNP View Post
    J..Electric cars are a great way to reduce CO2 emissions, because they don't emit greenhouse gas or toxic fumes. duh!
    Electric cars don't emit greenhouse gas or toxic fumes. However the generation of electricity does. The problem is just moved "up stream".

    In the third quarter of 2019, some 39% of UK electricity generation was from coal, oil and gas,

    Quote Originally Posted by The PNP View Post
    J duh!

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  14. r4dent says:05/10/2020 06:43 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by sandGroundZero View Post

    The Emergency Active Travel Route at the centre of this storm in a tea cup will not change my habits one iota.

    They will change my habits.

    I'll shop somewhere with parking.

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  16. Sap33 says:05/10/2020 06:58 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by r4dent View Post

    They will change my habits.

    I'll shop somewhere with parking.

    As there’s only a few spaces been lost to the cycle lane, then I’m not entirely sure what difference it’s going to make, unless you only shop at the London Street end of Hoghton Street....!

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  18. salus.populi says:05/10/2020 07:17 PM
    "Businessman" aka Tory candiate who's worked for his dad all his life.

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  20. sandGroundZero says:05/10/2020 08:27 PM
    r4dent says: "They will change my habits. | I'll shop somewhere with parking."

    Not among those who claim to worry about Southport's businesses, then?

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  22. lawed143 says:05/10/2020 10:14 PM
    Look at all those parked cars behind Lee... no space at all for a cycle lane.....?*??
    Personally I think it’s a great idea, let’s put cycle provision on all routes into town.

    I don’t remember being consulted about all these motor vehicle lanes being built, and as for the right to leave 2 tonnes of personal possessions all over the footpaths when people have driveways........don’t get me started.

    Don’t anyone dare mention Road Tax, it was abolished in 1937. It’s emissions tax, and some cars don’t pay it so don’t expect cyclists to pay it.
    As for Lee, well who cares what he thinks. What devastation has occurred in Hoghton Street? ?*??


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  24. Mint says:05/10/2020 11:07 PM
    That guy is stood by some double yellows. Parking is not an option.

  25. lawed143 says:06/10/2020 07:36 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mint View Post
    That guy is stood by some double yellows. Parking is not an option.
    Yeah I know, so plenty of space to put in a cycle lane....
    It appears that the narrative is that drivers convenience is prioritised over my safety. Safe acrive and flexible travel should be on everyone’s wish list.
    The place is called a village after all. At the moment it feels more like a place to store 2 tonnes of personal possessions for free. Maybe those that can walk, should try using their legs.

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