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I was so frustrated getting many instant online valuations from different companies, every one of them was a complete waste of my time as not one company was true to their valuation, I had a less than 5 minute chat with a representative from van and car buyer, we agreed a deal, made an appointment for the same day and they paid me instantly.

Would highly recommend them.


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With over 30 years in the car and van buying and selling industry, we understand how things work. This is why we don’t use instant valuations.

We focus on a more personal sell in Southport.

The majority of other vehicle purchasers use an instant valuation service, which can be incredibly unreliable. Different vehicle purchasing websites will give you a vast difference in valuations, but when you take the time to visit them in person, you might be met with a disappointing actual valuation.

Van & Car Buyer focuses on a more personal sell. We only offer you a valuation once we know more about your vehicle’s status, something an instant online valuation cannot do.

Our preliminary phone call will only take up to 5 minutes, During this phone call we will work to determine an ACTUAL FIRM valuation of your vehicle. We will then make an appointment to come to your home or workplace at your convenience, this is typically on the same day.

During our visit, we will offer you our final valuation and once accepted Van and Car Buyer will instantly pay you via bank transfer and arrange transport of your vehicle.



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