Bullying has always been a part of school life! During my own school days it was a matter of 'Put up or live with it' But since schools provide the opportunity for 'gang bullying', young people do need help in dealing with any such issues and generally the teaching staff have acted to stop this.

Social Media has provided a verbal form of bullying that is being used predominantly in schools, which again, lends itself to gang victimisation. For those less than confident in their standing - it can be devastating, particularly since the author remains anonymous. Again, the teaching staff should be capable of dealing with this, as they are aware of the personality of each of the students and can issue severe restrictions to those who take part in the bullying whether in or out of the school environment.

But when social media bullying is among the adult population, surely there should be more caution used since this verges on the rights of Free Speech? Such bullying has become the responsibility of the legal system. Where is the line drawn between Free Speech and Verbal Bullying? Does it help that verbal bullying is a legal issue? Is it good that young people should not be encouraged to stand up for themselves? Is the art of debate being lost?