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    Sticky Thread UNOFFICIAL Southport.GB lottery syndicate LOTTO theantiquesman 12/02/2011 (Last 09/10/2017 09:32 PM Go to last post)

  1. What is the point of the 20 limit?
    Started by bensherman 12/02/2018

    So many streets in Southport now have the 20 limit, I have to wonder if it has been worth implementing. I live at the Aughton Road end of Talbot Street and on both Aughton Road and Talbot Street I see the speed limit not just slightly transgressed, but absolutely ignored. I have tried to...

    • 72
    20/02/2018 10:14 AM
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  2. Facebook advice for Senior citizens
    Started by shippy 19/02/2018

    THE OLD GENERATION ( my generation)HAS ITS OWN FACEBOOK For those of my generation who do not, and cannot, comprehend why Facebook exists: I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passersby what I...

    • 2
    20/02/2018 09:36 AM
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  3. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    20/02/2018 09:15 AM
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  4. Npower smart meter question
    Started by fingal 19/02/2018

    We've had an appointment sent to us to say we can have a smart meter fitted. Has anybody on had an npower smart meter fitted? Are there any pros and cons to having one?

    • 8
    20/02/2018 08:53 AM
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  5. Some old pics for the memories
    Started by quinny 19/02/2018

    Some old pics I recently found, the first is actually a programme from the 1971 open at Royal Birkdale, then there is the Portland Hotel Darts team trip from the 50s then a really old one of an outing from the Blundell, I am not sure if anyone recognises anyone :confused::d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d

    • 1
    19/02/2018 09:37 PM
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  6. The A to Z Game
    Started by Home-Slice 18/01/2017

    Like the old animal, Vegetable, Mineral game each alternate poster, posts on topic beginning with the next letter in the Alphabet. Once we are at Z the next poster can choose a new subject. So here goes CARS A - Audi

    19/02/2018 09:32 PM
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  7. Mighty Radio
    Started by quinny 19/02/2018

    In case you had not heard the news :eek: Mighty Radio has been awarded a 5 year community license to broadcast to Southport and surrounding areas :d:d:d:d:d before the knockers come flying in the signal will be far better than it has ever been as its now a full time station rather than an RSL...

    • 6
    19/02/2018 03:17 PM
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  8. FOOTBALL, BANTER as we like it. and THE GAP
    Started by theantiquesman 12/08/2017

    1 Arsenal 1 1 3 20 Leicester 1 -1 0 What a start to the season Arsenal 4 Leicester 3 The experts all 20 of them according to the News Papers put Man C, Chelsea in the top 2 Man U and Arsenal in the top 4 with only a couple of theses so called experts including Spurs...

    • 442
    19/02/2018 03:15 PM
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  9. Discrimination
    Started by said 15/02/2018

    Young couples who decide personally to have children receive many rewards. A young mother receives a one off payment for every child she has, she has a lengthy time off work with a sliding scale of pay, the father receives paternity leave on pay, none of which affects their normal holidays from...

    • 28
    19/02/2018 03:13 PM
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  10. Sgb
    Started by blackys dad 18/02/2018

    Well didn’t know this was still going?

    • 13
    19/02/2018 01:03 PM
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  11. Gritters around Southport
    Started by ChrisR 15/02/2018

    Over the last few weeks we have been very grateful for the drivers of the gritters ( & SMC ) My grip is the speed they drive down the roads. Recently they went down my road 3 times, flashing the orange lights on top of the vehicle. I live on a road with a 20 MPH limit, no one takes any notice...

    • 11
    19/02/2018 11:57 AM
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  12. The FIVE Word Game
    Started by lad1234 17/09/2013

    :dlike the 3 word game:d but you get to use 5 words So I will start it was a rainy day

    19/02/2018 11:54 AM
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  13. Police Authority Spending
    Started by said 02/02/2018

    The Police Authorities are to create 'crying rooms' for female employees experiencing menopausal conditions?? (Metro, Mail etc.,) There are to be special rooms for women who suffer from hot flushes and low self esteem while going through the menopause. The rooms will have temperature controlled...

    • 22
    18/02/2018 05:05 PM
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  14. Farage v Soros
    Started by said 17/02/2018

    Is it right that one man should be using his vast wealth in an attempt to change World Politics to that of his own personal view? Soros now has accumulated such a huge wealth, he has become bored with nothing more to do except to seek power. “And I say that because George Soros recently gave...

    • 1
    18/02/2018 03:57 PM
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  15. Another mass shooting in the USA
    Started by roving-eye 15/02/2018

    Florida shooting: At least 17 dead in high school attack. At least 17 people are dead after a 19-year-old man opened fire at a high school campus in Parkland, Florida. The suspect was Nikolas Cruz, a former student at the school who had been expelled. He escaped with fleeing students but is...

    • 18
    18/02/2018 11:03 AM
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  16. Tom Daley and his husband are expecting a baby
    Started by Disturbed 17/02/2018

    Now the world really has gone mad. How can 2 men be expecting a baby. British Olympic diver Tom Daley has announced he is expecting a baby with his husband, US film director Dustin Lance Black. They both shared the news on their social media accounts. The couple got married in a service at...

    • 30
    18/02/2018 10:46 AM
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  17. Valentines Massacre.
    Started by grassroots 14/02/2018

    FC Porto. 0 Liverpool FC .5.:D:D:D

    • 23
    17/02/2018 10:58 PM
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  18. Groves v Eubank
    Started by chrismatt. 17/02/2018

    Groves v Eubank fight on ITV box office tonight. We have been trying to book for 30 minutes but phone line constantly engaged. Anyone managed to book it?

    • 2
    17/02/2018 10:24 PM
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  19. Alma Road, Birkdale Closed. Sort of
    Started by said 17/02/2018

    Alma Road in Birkdale is closed due to gas work repairs. That is to say that the Upper Aughton end is completely barricaded off while at the Birkdale village end there is a notice at the side of the road to say the road is closed - but there is no notice to say "For Access Only". Consequently,...

    • 0
    17/02/2018 09:33 PM
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  20. Did the earth move for you?
    Started by Alikado 17/02/2018

    Apparently there has been an earthquake in Wales at 2-30 this afternoon measuring 4.7 on the Richter Scale, the 5th biggest in UK and the biggest for over 100 years.

    • 4
    17/02/2018 09:30 PM
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  21. Southport on the UP.
    Started by theantiquesman 17/02/2018

    North Ferriby United 0 v Southport 3 I bet North and South Ferriby are not as United as Southport supporters are to night. Good win.................

    • 0
    17/02/2018 06:39 PM
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  22. Near Middle Age Crisis
    Started by said 17/02/2018

    I have decided that I am going to transform. I am thinking of growing my hair long and free - some of which will be trained over my bald patch - and I will start wearing really bright colours. I am going totally vegetarian - though I will maintain having salt on my food, and I will give the...

    • 3
    17/02/2018 01:04 PM
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  23. 00 Jeremy Corbyn.
    Started by Hamble 15/02/2018

    Corbyn now denies meeting a communist spy and The IRA.

    • 26
    16/02/2018 09:52 PM
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  24. Anyone watch Channel 4's My Millionaire Migrant Boss?
    Started by said 08/02/2018

    At the risk of advertising the programme - I find it disgusting!

    • 24
    15/02/2018 11:53 PM
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  25. McDonnell has a plan.
    Started by Hamble 11/02/2018

    John McDonnell: Labour public ownership plan will cost nothing.:eek: politics-43014861

    • 44
    15/02/2018 10:55 PM
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  26. Age of equality
    Started by ausard2 10/02/2018

    Before people rip into me, this is a question. Some 10 years back I told my wife that my father would be doing Somersaults in his grave. Wife said why, I said I fancy the postman. Now I ask ,only because I haven't seen. How many of you ladies work on the refuse wagons ? or is a. possible...

    • 36
    15/02/2018 09:48 PM
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  27. failing NHS. Withdrawing treatment
    Started by shippy 14/02/2018 lth/article-5390987/Heartbroke n-parents-blast-controversial- Nice-decision.html This is a shocking piece of news... Money was spent on keeping Venables in a safe comfortable lifestyle , but money for helping these two little children live a little longer has...

    • 25
    15/02/2018 03:18 PM
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  28. Aid Organisations
    Started by Squeeezebox 13/02/2018

    Do the recent revelations deter you from donating to these organisations? If so,what would they have to do to restore public trust? :mad:

    • 7
    15/02/2018 06:14 AM
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  29. Unhappy Andrew Marr
    Started by greenmachine 04/02/2018

    On the Andrew Marr show this morning the 2 female journalists on first appeared brain damaged or severely handicapped, they could not string a sentence together without constantly repeating "umm umm umm , err err err" it drives me mad. It occurs all the time with news reporters and journalists...

    • 17
    14/02/2018 11:55 PM
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  30. Oxfam
    Started by shippy 13/02/2018

    All the dirt is starting to surface regarding the running of certain charity shops. My fourteen year old grandson is volunteering every Saturday morning at a well known charity shop in London.. It is very scary when all the sad news iis involving children and putting them in harms way. .. ...

    • 20
    14/02/2018 11:44 PM
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  31. Testing Testing
    Started by said 13/02/2018

    I have just found an interesting site. Pre- decimalisation! If you spent 15s.6p in a shop, what denomination of payment would you have used, what note could you have offered to receive change and how much change would you have received. No trick! Just to see if anyone knows or remembers.

    • 19
    14/02/2018 10:36 PM
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  32. Thinking of Joining the Armed Services?
    Started by said 06/02/2018

    Has anyone watched the £1.6 million Army recruitment video? Imagine you are around the age of twenty. You have tried working in one or two bit jobs and found them boring and uninspiring. Then you hear that the army are recruiting and you are interested in changing your life, doing something...

    • 25
    14/02/2018 03:30 PM
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  33. I Have An Intense Dislike of Shopping
    Started by said 11/02/2018

    How would any of you like to go shopping with me? My sister refuses to do so and my children tend to wander away when I go to the counter. I really hate shopping but like everyone else, I have to go. So I entertain myself when doing so, which tends to embarrass anyone with me. Post Office -...

    • 4
    12/02/2018 10:10 PM
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  34. Stand aid
    Started by bongo 09/02/2018

    I am just wondering if anyone has a stand aid that they don't use ad I can get my wife transferred into the car as she is disabled. Please call 07973896105

    • 6
    12/02/2018 09:50 PM
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  35. It's snowing
    Started by grassroots 06/02/2018

    In Southport , I'm off to get my sledge out . :gwave:gwave:gwave:gwave

    • 14
    12/02/2018 11:04 AM
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  36. Whiplash got married
    Started by bec 08/02/2018

    Congratulations to the new Mrs and Mr Whiplash. 💍💍🠍🍾ðŸ& frac34;🍾

    • 9
    11/02/2018 09:47 PM
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